Circuit Court and Circuit Court Clerk's Office - This policy shall be in effect from Tuesday, March 17, 2020 until Monday, June 28th, 2020

Access to the Virginia Beach Circuit Court and the Circuit Court Clerk's Office, per a Court Order issued today from the Supreme Court of Virginia, will be limited. Virginia Beach Sheriff's Office Deputies, who provide security at the Courthouse, will be limiting individuals entering the Courthouse.

The Circuit Court Clerk's Office wants to do everything we can to protect the public who need to do business with us, and our staff who work at the Clerk's Office. For those of you who do not have an emergency need to enter the Courthouse, we are asking you to stay home.

All civil, traffic and criminal matters, including jury trials shall be continued. In addition, the Friday Motion Docket and the Duty Judge Docket will not be heard and such matters must be rescheduled to a date after June 28th, 2020. The exception to this policy is:

1.The Court shall hear, in the courtroom, protective order appeals, appeals from the juvenile and domestic relations district court and garnishments proceedings. All other civil cases on the Civil Trial Docket through June 28, 2020 shall be continued, unless otherwise excepted as listed below.

2.The Court may hear by use of video conferencing inmate arraignments and inmate determination of counsel hearings, bail hearings, court approved modification of sentence hearings, and guilty plea and stipulated violation of probation matters with agreed dispositions or sentence.

We will be working with a very limited staff; however, the Clerk's Office will conduct all business through Building 10B of the Courthouse. For any civil or criminal filings, there will be a lock box on the steps of 10B for drop off. For any deed/land record recordings, there will be another lock box on the steps of 10B for drop off of documents, or we also have electronic recording available through two vendors, Simplifile (800-460-5657) and CSC (866-652-0111). The lock boxes will be checked several times during the day for paper filings, and we will handle those documents as if they were brought in at the counter.

Note: Boxes will be available from 8:15am till 2:00pm Monday - Friday

We are closely monitoring guidance from the local, state and federal agencies related to COVID-19 with regard to the state mandated duties we have as a Clerk's Office.

As we work through this challenge together, please know that your safety, the safety of my staff, while still trying to conduct business the best we can is at the forefront of my thoughts. Everyone please be calm, stay safe and remember to wash your hands!

Contact Numbers (limited staff working so it may take a few minutes to get answered)

Tina Sinnen, Circuit Court Clerk 385-8817

Tracey Entwisle, Chief Deputy Clerk 385-8819

Pam Walizer, Land Records Supervisor 385-8829

Nancy White, Civil Supervisor 385-8532

Elena Chan, Civil Asst. Supervisor 385-4273

Gigi Smith, Criminal Supervisor 385-4043

Nilla Harris, Criminal Asst. Supervisor 385-4489

Valerie Manigo, Crim. Asst. Supervisor 385-8907


Circuit Court Clerk's Office Opens Satellite Office to Provide Some Services: Drive-Through Service Only

The Circuit Court Clerk's Office has opened a satellite office at 1804 Princess Anne Road to be able to provide some services it had to curtail when the Courthouse building closed to the general public a few weeks ago. "We are pleased we can begin offering these services again," said the Honorable Tina E. Sinnen, Clerk of the Virginia Beach Circuit Court. This office is open 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM, Monday thru Friday, drive-through service only, and only for the following:

First-time Concealed Carry Permits: applicants must bring a current application, a government-issued picture ID, proof of competency and $50 fee (cash or check). First time applicants must appear in person. For further information about the requirements, visit the Virginia State Police website at https://www.vsp.virginia.gov/Firearms.shtm or call (757) 385-4186.

Marriage Licenses: both parties must be present, have government-issued photo identification and have completed the marriage license application. It is available online at www.vbgov.com/marriage and at the satellite office. The license fee is $30 in cash (please have exact cash, if possible).

Notary Items for Pick-up: For those who receive notice that your Notary is available to be picked up at the Clerk's Office, pick these up at this satellite location. Proper Identification needed along with $10 cash or check. Satellite office unable to take credit or debit cards.


The public, will be required to enter the building through the main Courthouse entrance (Building 10) at 2425 Nimmo Parkway.

If you are coming to building 10-B enter through building 10, go to the main hallway take a right and follow the hallway to the elevator, which will be building 10-B and we are located on the 3rd floor.


NOTE:Proposed Amendments to the Constitution of Virginia May 30, 2018:

      1. HJ 6 Constitutional amendment; real property tax exemption for spouse of disabled veteran.

      2. SJ 21 Constitutional amendment; property tax, exemption for flooding remediation, etc.

      3. SJ 76 Constitutional amendment; real property tax exemption for spouse of disabled veteran.